Meet Our Board Members

Members of the Board

Elizabeth Lumsden

Liz is a real estate broker, and has been in her industry for over 20 years. She enjoys doing humanitarian work and raising awareness for various causes. Liz is a big fan of German Shepherd dogs and has fostered in addition to adopting one fluffy, shedding, 3 year old baby. She has four adult children, and is a proud M.o.M. (mother of Marines) to her two youngest, both boys.

John Padworski

John was born in upstate New York, and has lived in Southern California for over 30 years. He is a truck driver and loan consultant who enjoys working on cars in his spare time. His father was a Korean War veteran in the Marine Corps, and both of his sons followed in those footsteps.

Mandi Romero

I am a mother of four and a stay at home mom. My kids are 19 (girl), 18 (boy), 17 (girl), and 7 (boy). My 18 year old is a Marine. My father was an Army man, as was my grandfather. I also have Army men in the family through marriage. I knew of the ups and downs, but never did I ever go through it as hard as I do now as a mother. It is much more painful, heartbreaking, and lonely, and the tears come and go with the fear; but it comes with great pride as well! I turn to my faith to get me through the dark, sad, and scared days. The storm will always pass and the sun will always shine through the clouds with beautiful colors. I am a Christian and serve at my church in the children’s ministry. I enjoy the outdoors with my kids and with them have become a 5k – 10k runner. I love to have fun, I love to dance, and I love singing out loud in the car (well, the kids may not like it so much, but who cares if you can’t hit the keys! I love singing).  When I set my mind and join something I am very passionate about it and pour my heart into it. I love and I love BIG. Enough said.

Marca Gomez

Marine Mother. Formerly a Title Officer, Legal Assistant and Administrator.

Lindsy Rudolph

Lindsy Rudolph is an avid animal lover and is currently employed by a veterinarian, taking care of his 17 Bernese Mountain show dogs. Lindsy obtained her paralegal certificate and associate degree in Liberal Arts from Victor Valley College. She interned as a legal secretary for a legal resource office for three months before following her first passion, becoming a zoo keeper to tigers, servals, zebras, and parrots. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and relaxing with her husband, and playing with her fur and feather children.